Colby M-1922

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Colby M-1922
Colby M-1922
Type: Sub-machine Gun
Damage: Colby M-1922
Stamina Damage: Colby M-1922
Vehicle Damage: Colby M-1922
Rate of Fire: Colby M-1922
Reload Speed: Colby M-1922
Mobility Colby M-1922
Effective Range: Colby M-1922
Clip Size: 50
Ammo Carried: 350
Weapon Data Incomplete due to in-game changes
An iconic weapon, the Colby M1922 'Typewriter' can throw a formidable amount of lead downrange. This weapon can be very accurate when fired from a braced position, if you can handle the recoil.
Model Price Rating Req. Criminal Unlock Enforcer Unlock Role Unlock Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3
Colby M-1922 'Chopper' $?? 0 NA NA NA Tagger - Valentines  Icon Tagger - Valentines Magazine Pull 3 Icon Magazine Pull 3