Jeung Bloodrose

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Jeung Bloodrose
Jeung Bloodrose
Faction Criminal
Organization Blood Roses
Prerequisite Lilith Bloodrose
Unlocks Michael Simeone
District Waterfront

Jeung is a Blood Roses Contact, and can be found in the Waterfront district.


Jeung was always the first kid into anything new on the scene. First to dye his hair, first to get a lip piercing, first to get into (and then out of, as others picked up on the trend) a series of increasingly bewilderingly-named Euro dance trends.

He was also the first to murder someone - some junkie bum that he had found in one the old warehouses down at the Waterfront, and stabbed him to death with a ceremonial dagger that he bought on an internet auction site. He was fifteen at the time.

Afterwards, to commemorate the act, he took his girlfriend Charlotte down there and used the same knife to carve the outline of a flower design - a rose - into both their arms.

And that's how the Blood Roses were born.

Jeung always knew he was meant for something a lot more interesting than the safe, cosseted existence he had lived so far, growing up surrounded by the Old Money world of The Concession. He thought he was going to be a rock star, maybe. Or a DJ or fashion designer. Instead, sealed in that blood pact he had made with Charlotte, he became a criminal.

Jeung became the dark star around which like-minded souls soon orbited. Most of them were kids like him and Charlotte, from The Concession or Virginia Gardens, but looking for something different - their own scene - away from the traditional gangs that ran in those districts. They congregated together in the VIP suite of the Beltane Club, ironically converted from the warehouse building where Jeung had murdered that bum just a few short years earlier. There were plenty of drugs around in the scene down there, but that wasn't what Jeung and his crew were into, not if they wanted to stay sharp and focused, mentally and physically. Where Jeung led, the others quickly followed.

The first job they pulled was late night club talk made real, done almost on a dare among each other. They went in scared, even Jeung, who already had blood on his hands. They came out exhilarated, on a high better than anything you could buy in any of the clubs. The money they made from it didn't hurt, either.

They pulled more jobs, getting a name for themselves. Jeung meets Tyron Sennet, recognizes him for the type he is - hangs around money and success, looking to feed off any crumbs that come his way - but recognizes that he has his uses. Then Michael Simeone makes his presence known and hits Jeung with a few harsh home truths.

The Blood Roses are good at what they do, and he admires professionalism in others, but if they're going to move up to the next level - out of the clubs and into onto the streets of the Waterfront to make a big chunk of the city their own - then they're going to need some representation and professional management when it comes to dealing with people who have been doing this a whole lot longer than them.

Jeung thinks about it, thinks about this old teenage dreams of being a rock star, and then signs up. Simeone's management, but he's still the front man, the one the rest of the crew listen to and follow. He'll go along with Simeone's arrangement. At least for the moment.

Progression Chart

Jeung Bloodrose Jeung Bloodrose
Level Unlocks Standing
2 Fireproofing 2, Mikro JC13 "Ronin"
3 Macchina Calabria 327, Broadwing B103 "Rosewing"
4 Fast-Fix Chassis 2, Ceresco PV3 "Darksider", Charge Mikro Mark II
5 Macchina Cosenza FTV2, Kurai NO3 "Infernos"
6 Extra Cargo Capacity 2, Espacio 93 "Koga"
7 Han Veo 320LX, Fresno 83 "Fujin", Moirai 633i "Nosferatu"
8 Ramming Plate 2, Charge Sentinel CS902, Charge Cisco 1802
9 Dolton Montane D 230, Rapier XR3 "Tormentor"
10 Steel Plating 2, Patriot Vegas G21