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Type: Explosive Weapon
Price: $16,500
Criminal Unlock: Arlon Benjamin Level 6
Enforcer Unlock: Orlenz' Moretti Level 6
Damage: OSMAW
Stamina Damage: OSMAW
Vehicle Damage: OSMAW
Rate of Fire: OSMAW
Reload Speed: OSMAW
Mobility OSMAW
Effective Range: OSMAW
Clip Size: 1
Ammo Carried: 1
1-Slot Unlock: Demolitions Rank 3
1-Slot Price: $27,000
2-Slot Unlock: Demolitions Rank 4
2-Slot Price: $30,000
3-Slot Unlock: Demolitions Rank 5
3-Slot Price: $33,000
Weapon Data Incomplete due to in-game changes
The OSMAW’s main role is the quick and effective destruction of enemy vehicles, and it does this very well. Stationary vehicles are easy pickings for this weapon, especially since it can be used at its maximum range with no worries about accuracy; as long as the player's aim was on target when he pulled the trigger the rocket will hit its mark. Of course moving vehicles are another thing altogether. To hit a moving vehicle the player must be able to lead their target and learn to gauge the speed and distance at which it is moving in order to aim enough in front of it so that the rocket connects.


The OSMAW is generally able to destroy most vehicles with a single rocket, with the exceptions being some of the higher durability models or ones with durability upgrades. One of the best mission types to use the OSMAW on are ones that require an enemy group to deliver a vehicle. The player with the OSMAW should wait around a corner near the drop off point and wait for the enemy player delivering the vehicle to get near the area and the fire off a rocket to destroy the vehicle. Doing this means that the other player will then have to go all the way back to retrieve another vehicle and cost them a large amount of time.

When firing on another player only a direct hit does sufficient damage to kill, meaning that anyone caught in the splash damage is likely to survive. Even a direct hit can still be survived if that player is using the Flak Jacket 1 Character Modification or higher. It is the splash damage, however, that is this weapon's one saving grace against other players. Splash damage can be used to hit enemies that are behind cover or around the corner of a wall which can either flush them out or allow you to move in and finish them off with a Secondary Weapon. Ammo conservation is another key factor with this weapon since it comes with the least amount of ammo of any weapon in the game; great care should be taken to ensure that every rocket finds it mark and not a single one is wasted. Also consider the fact that ammunition is very costly at $100 per rocket, the same price required to deploy a $40,000 vehicle. Bandolier is essential for this weapon (At the moment Magazine Pull reduces the clip to 0, and Extended Magazine does not increase the clip but still increases reload time).

Weapon Modification Rating
Modification Rating Optimal Rank
Wpnmod 3-point sling.gif 3-Point Sling 3star-rating.jpg 3
Wpnmod heavy barrel.gif Heavy Barrel 0star-rating.jpg 0
Wpnmod cooling jacket.gif Cooling Jacket 0star-rating.jpg 0
Wpnmod improved rifling.gif Improved Rifling 3star-rating.jpg 3
Wpnmod magazine pull.gif Magazine Pull 0star-rating.jpg -1
Wpnmod extended magazine.gif Extended Magazine 0star-rating.jpg -1
Wpnmod bandolier.gif Bandolier 3star-rating.jpg 3
Wpnmod hunting sight.gif Hunting Sight 0star-rating.jpg 0
Wpnmod reflex sight.gif Reflex Sight 0star-rating.jpg 0
NOTE:The weapon modification rating is a player chosen rating attempting to give an idea of which mods work well with which weapons.


No current presets.