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The Rating meter marked with a red circle.

A player's Rating is equivalent to a players total number of levels earned with Contacts. The Rating is displayed both as a number, and as a symbol / icon. The Rating symbol changes every 10 levels.

Getting Rating

Obtaining Rating requires Contact Progression, which, in turn, requires earning Faction Standing.

Rating Requirements

Many items in APB require minimum Rating to use, regardless of whether the player has unlocked the item for purchase with a contact. E.g., it is possible to unlock Rating 195 (R195) items for purchase through Contacts, but only have achieved 100 Rating.


Players sometimes use "Contact Levels" when referring to Rating. "Rank" is also used, sometimes, but can ambiguously refer to Threat Level, or [Role] levels. "Reputation" is sometimes incorrectly used, since Reputation concerns Prestige and Notoriety.

Rating Symbols

Enforcer Rating Symbols Criminal Rating Symbols
Rank 0-9 "Recruit" EnforcerRankings.png Rank 0-9 "Scrub" CriminalRankings.png
Rank 10-19 "Officer Second Grade" Rank 10-19 "Lookout"
Rank 20-29 "Officer First Grade" Rank 20-29 "Burglar"
Rank 30-39 "Senior Patrolman" Rank 30-39 "Looter"
Rank 40-49 "Master Patrolman" Rank 40-49 "Rioter"
Rank 50-59 "Lance Corporal" Rank 50-59 "Anarchist"
Rank 60-69 "Corporal" Rank 60-69 "Hooligan"
Rank 70-79 "Senior Corporal" Rank 70-79 "Thug"
Rank 80-89 "Sergeant" Rank 80-89 "Associate"
Rank 90-99 "Senior Sergeant" Rank 90-99 "Prospect"
Rank 100-9 "Detective Third Grade" Rank 100-9 "Gangster"
Rank 110-9 "Detective Second Grade" Rank 110-9 "Brawler"
Rank 120-9 "Detective First Grade" Rank 120-9 "Footsoldier"
Rank 130-9 "Detective Sergeant" Rank 130-9 "Heavy-Hitter"
Rank 140-9 "Detective Lieutenant" Rank 140-9 "Psycho"
Rank 150-9 "Lieutenant" Rank 150-9 "Killer"
Rank 160-9 "Captain" Rank 160-9 "Hired Gun"
Rank 170-9 "Deputy Inspector" Rank 170-9 "Cleaner"
Rank 180-9 "Inspector" Rank 180-9 "Fixer"
Rank 190-5 "District Commander" Rank 190-5 "Hitman"